Fancycraft Server Network

Fancycraft is a Hub server Network that offers you only the best.With features like:
Creative, Survival and Games!
This is a server you do not want to miss out on!

– Play in Creative and enjoy building and having fun with your friends!

– Survival is a Great place to start the adventure and survive, get recourses and build a house and shelter and have fun!
–SHOP! You can easily buy/sell items in the virtual shop by right clicking on a clock or type /shop in the game! Its so cool, we think you’ll love it.

– Create your Faction and protect it against those who want to take it from you. Raid other factions and expand your Empire!

– We have Awesome Games and custom Minigames with unique maps that you can’t find on any other servers!

> KitPvP 
> Parkour 
> SurvivalGames 
> MobArena
> Infected Zombies 
> And many more…!

We worked really hard to make this professional and amazing server for anyone to join and enjoy playing with their friends!

People and staff on this Server are friendly and awesome, you will have alot of fun!

There are not a lot of restrictions on this server and everyone can play free and have fun. but make sure to read our rules in the game with /rules.

You can join with this IP

Contact Mail:      

Fancycraft Server

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